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We offer our Video and Audio Editing and Postproduction studios with different applications for sounding, documentaries, short films, corporate videos, commercials. In addition to offering you the possibility to digitize and remaster your old, but no less valuable, videographic archive.

-Masterization of CD · Musical Harmony · Musical Arrangements.

-Recording Of Voices In Off For Identification Of Brands.

-Video and audio editing and post-production services:

-Audio and video editing

-Audio post production

- Creation of Digital Spot with 3D Designs.

-Transfer of formats (A / D, D / A) BETACAM, DVCAM, XDCAM.

-Duplicated on CD, DVD and BLUERAY.


We want to give full coverage to your needs, in addition to supplying you with the necessary audiovisual material for your event, we offer you all our services, at very competitive prices and with professional results.

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