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URBAN FOOD - As Entrepreneurship🔥🔛 "BURGERS & BEERS" 🍔🍻

We return again with our specialized courses of #ComidaUrbana del #Chef @Ray_Hevia.

It has the technical content of a casual concept of artisan haute cuisine; ideal for a Foodtruck, Delivery, Local and even a Catering, which wants to make a proposal to the growing demand that exists.

It includes:
- Practical Digital Guide of the Course.
- More than 20 Preparations

Content of the Academic 5hrs Course

✓ Talk "Burger operations made as profitable enterprise" 📈

✓Meat and Techniques
Elaboration of different

Meat blends and different cooking methods.
• Classic American Blend
• Blend of Cortes Prime
• Grain-based Veggie Alternative

✓Artisan Deli Sauces for Burgers.

Preparation of burger sauces.
• Mustard
• Mayo Rocoto
• Herb Alioli
• Barbecue grill
• Honey mustard
• Special BBQ
• Spicy Ketchup
• Among other

Elaborations in Cortes de Papa and others
▫French Fries (Different Sizes)
▫Roasted Wedge Potatoes
▫Stix potatoes
▫Crinkle Fries
▫Onion Rings
▫Curly Fries

✓ Architecture of the Hamburger.
Creative montage and presentation

✓ Tasting of Craft Beers 🍻

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