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Recurrent Course of Teaching Induction


  • Module 1: Writing Objectives and Instructional Strategies.

  • Module 2: Assessment of Learning.

  • Module 3: Teaching Planning.



Tuesday, April 27, 2021 (02:00 pm)

  • Welcome.

  • Aeronautical Psychologist Interview.

  • Module 1.

  • Break.

  • Module 2.

Thursday, April 29, 2021 (02:00 pm)

  • Anecdote Pilot Instructor.

  • Module 3.

  • Anecdote Cabin Crew Instructor.

  • Cycle of Questions and Answers.

Course Description:


Course for aeronautical instructors with approval of the initial teaching induction course, committed to the exercise of aeronautical teaching and with an interest in developing the pedagogical skills necessary to create an ideal learning environment in the classroom and in the field to share knowledge and experiences.


We seek to train the best aeronautical instructors, generating skills in the use of technological resources, teaching objectives writing, instructional strategies, learning evaluation and teaching planning, among many other skills.



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Curso Recurrente de Inducción Docente ONLINE

Curso Recurrente de Inducción Docente ONLINE

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Curso Recurrente de Inducción Docente ONLINE día 2

Curso Recurrente de Inducción Docente ONLINE día 2

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Free Registration Requirements:

Follow the instagram account @ 360atc and twitter @ 360atc_

Register in the following button :

Course Certification:


Our intention is to be able to collaborate with the Venezuelan aeronautical community, especially with all those people who have the noble task of providing instruction, which is why participation in this course is completely free, hoping that it will be to your complete satisfaction. However, if you wish to acquire the certificate of approval of the course, you must comply with the assignments sent by the teachers and with the administrative payment of $ 20 USD (American dollars) or its equivalent in national currency according to the current rate of the Central Bank of Venezuela that generates the issuance and registration of the certificate.


In the next button is the payment system using your international credit card, paypal, zelle or payment in Bolívares.

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