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Produce, Transmit, Organize and Monetize.

Streaming Connect

Develop your live events with our Streaming Connect platform in order that you can create yoursubscription transmission byboth daily or monthly event having the business benefit, we design a whole ecosystem ofpossibilities and additional features that allow you to push more use of video and live broadcasts within your organization.

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Home Cloud Production

Remote production from home

We enable a link to broadcast from your own smartphone or laptop connecting it to our work ecosystem in the cloud with the peace of mind that your event is guaranteed by integrating live audience interaction as well as integrating other talents and remote guests, production staff, graphics from cutting edge audio mixing and streaming  

 Un servicio end to end para convenciones de ventas, lanzamiento de productos, reuniones privadas, charlas motivacionales, conferencias médicas y capacitaciones.

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Unlimited journalism

Journal Express Anywhere

We enable a link to broadcast from your own smartphone to any destination, becoming an exclusive Jealtel journalist and thus monetizing your exclusivity to clients interested in the news; solution that integrates Smart Technology Production.

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Medical Mediastream Live

Production for Medical videoconference

We provide solutions for medical conferences directly in the operating room by providing our aesthetic and portable transmission system of high quality in real time; capturing important procedures allowing studies and exchange of results integrated into videoconferences.

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Transmisiones Deportivas a bajo costo
Sports live Production

Personaliza tus eventos deportivos en vivo con múltiples cámaras teniendo toda una producción remotamente sin unidad Móvil de Producción ni camiones satelitales.  Llevando el evento al siguiente nivel. 

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we generate ideas

We design production platforms according to your needs

We change the

way of producing

Content producers in the broadcast and live events industry turn to Jealtel to innovate in ways to bring entertainment to life.



We combine human resources with technology, without limits.


We combine ideas, quality and technology to give our clients the production development they most desire.

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